Catering Photos

Catering a wedding in Troy, NY
Folklore Society Event at the Legislative Building in Albany Chafers at a wedding reception

Brunch Buffet Bon Voyage Party
Cold buffet at a graduation party Hospice Benefit at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown. Flowers on the right are arrangement made from vegetables
Travelogue on Germany at NYPA Visitor's Center, Gilboa, NY
Food garnishing - "Love Birds" Breakfast buffet in Niskayuna
Bridal shower buffet in Oneonta, NY
Easter lamb cake Our staff at Clausen Farms
Fudgy chocolate cakes with raspberry filling Orange and almond French Toast
Vegetarian open-face sandwiches Dips and finger food
Rublitorte and Citrus Dream Cake, Walnut/Mocha Cream Cake, and Chocolate Cake Wedding brunch
White Chocolate and Raspberry Cakes Appetizer buffet
Pansy-decorated sandwiches Our staff catering a wedding

Annual Harvest Festival

Squash duck family
Catering a Batmitzvah  

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